Spring Horse Show – September 30th, 2018


  • Ring A – Dianne White
  • Ring B – Miss Demi Sams
  • Ring C – Miss Erin Ketteringham
  • Ring D – Ms Susannah McGarrity
  • Ring E – Mrs Nicolette Jones-Ryan
  • Ring F – Mr Wayne Jones
  • Ring G – TBA


* All competitors must complete & sign a waiver form prior to entering any ring. Allocated wristbands to be worn by all persons entering a ring.

* WAIVER FORMS can be downloaded from the Blacktown City Show website and completed prior to presentation at the ticket office.

* All horses and ponies competing in breed classes must be registered with a relevant society. Papers to be produced on request.

*STALLIONS & COLTS – shall not be led or ridden by any person under the age of 17yrs.

* BROODMARES – must have registered progeny or be visibly in foal or with foal at foot.

* NOVICE – Horse or rider who has not won a first at any Agricultural or Spring Show.

* INTERMEDIATE – Has not won a first, second or third in any solo event at any royal show.

* DOUBLE CHANCE – Horses winning the ridden height champion or 1st in an open height class not eligible.

* COMPETITORS AGE to comply on the day of competition.

* HORSES AGE taken as from the 1st August.

* The committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel an entry

* JUDGES – The committee reserve the right to substitute a judge and alter or vary the program when it is deemed necessary. If a judge considers an exhibit to not possess sufficient merit to deserve a prize, none shall be awarded.


* PROTESTS – any exhibitor, who desires to enter a protest against any decision on the part of the judge, or any decision, act or omission on the part of the society shall lodge a protest in writing within 1 HOUR on the DAY upon which such act, decision or omission occurred. The protest shall set out in detail the circumstances relied upon by such exhibitor, & shall be given or left at the show office accompanied by a fee of $50.00, which shall be forfeited to the society should the protest be deemed frivolous.


* DRUG TESTS will be carried out by an independent body nominated by the ASC and is not connected to Blacktown City Show Society.

* Any competitor found to have breached, will be investigated by the ASC Disciplinary Committee.

* DOGS – must be kept on a leash at all times and are not permitted onto the main arena.

* LUNCHBREAK – will be taken at the discretion of the judge

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