Cage Bird Show 2017

The Australian Heritage Budgerigar Association will be displaying the first ever Pink-Lilac budgies on Saturday the 18th March at the Blacktown Show in the Horticulture building.

Don Bourke will give brief talks on what we are doing with our amazingly-coloured budgies. This will be part of the display of the Australian Heritage Budgerigar Association.

The members of this club breed OLD FASHIONED, COLOURFUL small budgies dating back to the 1960s. Beautiful colours, and budgies that can fly really well and that are very healthy.

Budgerigars & Parrots

Entries Close: 9pm Tuesday 14th March 2017

Mr. Warren Wilson Phone 9747 6642
Show Secretary: P.O. Box 141 Croydon NSW 2132


Birds will be benched between 6:30 – 8:30am Saturday, and lifted Sunday 4pm.

Presentation will commence at 3.00pm

Exhibitor Passes will only be provided for 10 entries or more.

ENTRY FEE of $1.00 Bird for Adults and Juniors 50c per bird

Grand Champion, Champion & Reserve Champion ribbons will be awarded where applicable

The Committee of the Blacktown City Show Society Inc. take this opportunity to thank the Members and volunteers for their valuable assistance in conducting this section of the Blacktown Annual Show.

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